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Retrofit Spray Foam Insulation Solutions

Retrofit Spray Foam Insulation Solutions

Your air conditioning bills are too high compared to your friends or neighbors. You’ve tried everything from living with warmer indoor temperatures to placing towels at the base of exterior doors, but not matter what you do, your HVAC unit can’t keep up. Your home was built by a reputable builder, so why does it seem to leak at every seam? Because most homes are still being constructed according to decades old practices, allowing homes to “breath” in order to control moisture. There is a better way! With a simple one day installation, you can replace your standard insulation with SES SucraSeal Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation, providing lower bills, cleaner indoor air, and host of other benefits unachievable with traditional insulations. 

Where To Start? 

You know you want to upgrade your insulation, but where to start? 60% of your conditioned air leaves your home by way of your vented attic. Most traditional built homes have fiberglass batts or blown in cellulose insulation. Think of these as loose blankets. Because air can pass easily through them, hot air from outside your home flows in and conditioned air flows out, causing your HVAC unit to run constantly to try to keep up. Upgrading to SES SucraSeal Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation will seal every crack, seam, and opening, ensuring your conditioned air stays in and exterior air stays out. Your HVAC system will run much more efficiently, extending its life expectancy. Your indoor air will maintain the temperatures you set, and because SucraSeal is an optimal thermal barrier, your attic will stay much cooler, creating valuable storage space. 

After The Attic?

Want to optimize your home insulation? Look to the crawlspace next. (If your home is built on a slab, investigate window and door seals). Just like traditionally built attics, traditional crawlspaces are vented, allowing air to flow in and out freely. Unfortunately, crawlspaces can be pretty unhealthy, especially in humid areas, creating breeding grounds for molds, insects, and pests.  Replace loose fiberglass batts with SES 2.0 Closed Cell Spray Foam in your subfloor. Your energy bills will be lower, and your indoor air much healthier.