SucraSeal Is The Real Deal

SES LabEnergyStar supported and USDA BioPreferred, SucraSeal is the industry’s greenest spray foam insulation, boasting the highest bio content while providing optimum performance. 

SES SucraSeal Spray Foam Insulation is the electric supercar of the spray foam industry, riding the cutting edge of performance with the health of the environment at its core, formulated as a complete insulation solution for architects, builders, homeowners, and installers. 

For homeowners, SucraSeal provides the ultimate insulation for energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality. SucraSeal is a EnergyStar Partner for outstanding energy efficiency, and is USDA Bio-Preferred, boasting the highest bio-content in the industry. 

For spray foam contractors, SucraSeal provides high yields, high margins, high r-values, and passes Appendix X Fire Testing Uncoated, is formulated to maximize yield and performance, and backed by SES tech support and training. By creating a spray foam that passes the Appendix X Fire Test without an extra coating, SES has removed a time consuming and expensive step from the building process. SucraSeal will not burn, where other spray foams will quickly incinerate without extra coatings.

For architects and builders, SucraSeal provides the optimum insulation, air and thermal seals in one application across challenging designs, so there is no limit to the types of projects SES spray foams can tackle. Specifying SucraSeal in a project can reduce the tonnage of the HVAC System, as well as the time needed to insulate a project, saving valuable construction time and unnecessary costs before the project begins. 

For everyone involved on a construction project, SES SucraSeal Open Cell Spray Foam provides energy efficiency, comfort, and peace of mind for the life of the building.