SES Foam Acquires State of the Art Manufacturing Plant in Spring, TX

SPRING, TEXAS, USA – SES Foam LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of a state of the art manufacturing plant in Spring, Texas, USA.

SES New Manufacturing Plant

“Thisrepresents a tremendous increase in SES’s production capacity, this additional capacity will enable SES to continue the growth we have enjoyed since the creation of our company”, says Charles Valentine, President of SES Foam.  “We view the investment in an additional first-class manufacturing facility as part of our continued commitment to the spray foam industry and to our customer base. The acquisition will greatly increase SES’s ability to supply the spray foam market in support of the tremendous growth we have achieved over these last few years.”  SES will also continue operations in St. Louis, Missouri.

The plant has been in the business of producing spray foam for several decades initially being part of Polythane System Inc and then being purchased by the Bayer Corporation running as part of Bayer’s commitment to the systems market as BaySystems NA.  The plant has undergone significant upgrades under the ownership of industry leaders Bayer, Covestro, Accella and most recently Carlisle.  SES is honored to continue the investment in excellence.

As a leading product innovator in the spray foam market, SES will take pride in world class manufacturing and our continued push for constant high-quality production. “Excellence in product manufacturing and quality are just part of our strategic plan”, says Jose Luna Vice President of Technology. “We are very excited for the next great round of innovation.  Time will show that SES is truly a pivotal influence in the spray foam industry.”

SES Foam has a storied history of innovation in the spray foam industry, being the first company to formulate a sucrose based foam with SucraSeal, the first spray foam insulation to be certified by the USDA for its high bio-based content (up to 25%). SucraSeal also passes the ICC ES AC 377 Appendix X Fire Test uncoated, a milestone that many competitors have unsuccessfully attempted to copy. SES also offers Nexseal and Nexseal LE, universally certified closed cell spray foams that utilize Honeywell’s Ultra-Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent, and provide impressive consistency and quality across commercial and residential applications. SES has recently announced their latest innovation with EasySeal, a new No-Mix open cell spray foam that guarantees the highest yields in the industry.

“This is another milestone in our continued commitment to excellence for our customers, for  whom we are extremely thankful.” says Robert Allen SES’s Director of Sales.  “This investment is just another statement we are making to support the profitability of our customers by providing innovative, quality products!“ SES Foam assumes the operation of the facility and all employees, saving local jobs and serving as a proud member of the local area commerce.

About SES Foam: Headquartered in Spring, Texas with service to key MSAs and regions within NAFTA and key overseas markets.  SES is committed to product quality, manufacturing excellence and providing first class customer service.  SES takes pride in customer support and partnership to increase our customer base’s bottom line.

For more information:

Charles Valentine, +412-805-9922