How SES Is Changing The Spray Foam Game

SES Spray Foam Business Solutions SES Foam is shaking up the industry by improving every aspect of the spray foam process, from the formulation of the foam itself to providing technical and business support to spray foam installers. 

 All spray foam manufacturers claim high r-values and promise optimum energy efficiency. This is because,  essentially, all leading spray foam insulations are superior to other available solutions like fiberglass and cellulose, and to consumers, architects, and builders, the leading spray foams appear to offer the same intended result of air sealing a building. The manufacturer makes the foam and the installer puts the foam in the house. Enter SES Foam.

SES started with the formulation of the foam, partnering with Imperial Sugar to create the leading foam for bio-content, gaining backing from the USDA as a Bio-Preferred Insulation, and pushing the industry further towards environmentally friendly home insulation solutions. For responsible homeowners seeking green home systems, SES Foams are the answer. The environmental benefits are unmatched by traditional insulations:

  • EnergyStar approved
  • USDA Bio-Preferred
  • Low Energy Bills
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Longer HVAC System Life
  • No Need To Replace Your Insulation Again

Included in this new formulation is the ability to pass the Appendix X fire test uncoated, allowing to installers to skip an expensive and costly step applying extra coatings, while passing time and money savings to the client. This benefit also gives architects and builders priceless peace of mind, knowing that the foam installed is safe for all future inhabitants of the building, and will not exacerbate a structural fire. There are even documented cases of SES foam actually extinguishing fire from lightning strikes and electrical issues.

Next, SES looked at the spray foam companies that install the foam, and saw vast inconsistencies in procedures across the industry. The answer was clear: Help installers streamline their operations and everyone will benefit, from SES to the end client. At SES Headquarters in Houston, TX, there is a classroom complete with a spray foam rig and mock walls for application training. SES contractors benefit from onsite visits for everything from building a rig from scratch to trouble shooting equipment, eliminating the need for expensive full time mechanics at the installer level. This level of training and support is unparalleled in the industry, and ensures the end product is of the highest quality.

SES didn’t stop there. As SES became more familiar with the systems of their clients, they realized they could assist on the business level as well, and began to offer advice on bidding jobs, accounting, material costs, setting margins, and the importance of yields (the amount of foam one can apply from each SES order). At the same time, SES improved the yields of their foams in a effort to improve the profitability of their clients. 

Next, SES set up a Contractor Support Portal on their website, complete with technical videos, building science articles, tech support, and even marketing support. Through SES’s partner, Build Marketing, contractors who work with SES can have their website optimized for search engines and lead generation, get a vehicle wrap or brochure design, start an Adwords campaign, or order a trade show booth. 

SES doesn’t just want the business of spray foam contractors, they want their contractors to succeed in their own businesses, and do so in a safe and highly professional manner. In this new approach, SES is changing the spray foam game in the best way possible, benefitting everyone in the process, from designers, to builders, to installers, to homeowners, and the spray foam industry itself.